Nationality Appeals

As Immigration Law specialists, we have extensive experience in assisting and representing
clients in all areas of immigration and asylum appeals. Appealing immigration and asylum
decisions are a complex area of law and expert representation is vital for getting the best
possible outcome.
Even if there are no automatic rights of appeal against decisions of the UK Border Agency or
British embassies and consulates abroad, we can still provide advice and assistance. When
you do have the right to appeal decisions of the UK Border Agency or an Entry Clearance
Officer at a British embassy or consulate abroad, there are usually strict time limits to lodge
appeals at the Immigration & Asylum Chamber (IAC).
Once an appeal is lodged, there will usually be further strict time limits for the preparation
and filing of the relevant case papers before the appeal hearing. CJ Legal can help you
through the process of appealing immigration decisions, from lodging your appeal to providing you with expert in-house advocacy at your appeal hearing. We can even represent you at your appeal if you are not based in the UK.
Our immigration lawyers can assist with appeals to the Immigration & Asylum Chamber
(IAC), including the First-Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal, against:
 refusal to grant visa extensions
 refusal to grant indefinite leave to remain

 refusal to grant entry clearance or leave to remain as a spouse of a person present and
settled in the UK
 curtailment or leave to remain in the UK
 refusal by a British embassy or consulate of British High Commission issue entry clearance
(visas) to enter the UK
 decisions of the UK Border Agency to issue “removal directions”
 decisions of the UK Border Agency infringing on your Human Rights
 decisions of the UK Border Agency to make a deportation order
 decisions of the UK Border Agency refusing asylum or refusing Discretionary or
Humanitarian Leave to Remain visas pursuant to the 1951 United Nations Refugee
Convention or the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and
Fundamental Freedoms.
 decisions of the UK Border Agency where there are no automatic rights of appeal. Our
immigration team are highly experienced at challenging even cases where appeal rights
are not available.
Our specialist appeals service includes the following services:
 obtaining your immigration file from your previous representatives and informing the IAC
and Home Office that we are representing you
 full preparation of all witness statements
 full preparation and advice on all documents you may need to get in preparation for your
 full, candid advice on the merits of your appeal
 appearance at court comprising advocacy and representation by our in-house advocate or
a highly experienced barrister
 comprehensive advice in preparation of the appeal
 a comprehensive skeleton argument for the court citing all relevant law, case law, and facts
 a comprehensive indexed and page numbered bundle in accordance with courts
 advising you and your witnesses in preparation for the hearing

 ensuring that the Home Office comply with their responsibilities to the Immigration &
Asylum Chamber and any decisions made by the Tribunal
 in the event of an unsuccessful appeal, advising you on the next steps (further appeals)
and the merits and costs implications.
If your immigration appeal case is unlikely to be successful, we will inform you of the shortcomings and other avenues that can be explored. We pride ourselves on an extremely high
the success rate in immigration and asylum appeal cases, due to our unrivaled preparation and
meticulous assessment of cases.