If you have had to leave your country because you fear persecution over your race,
religion, or political opinion, you can apply for Asylum in the UK. Our specialist team of
asylum caseworkers and lawyers can talk you through the process, advise you on what proof
you will need to provide, and even make the application for asylum on your behalf.
Please note that CJ Legal is not legally aided by the UK government, but we can help with
excellent service and flexible rates.
You may be in a position where you do not qualify for asylum, but need to stay in the UK to
protect your human rights. In this case, our human rights lawyers will examine your case
and help you get the right to stay in the UK until you can return home.

If you face deportation, you can contact us 24-hours a day on our emergency hotline. A
a specialist lawyer will be at hand to provide advice and guidance on your rights and how best
to proceed.
CJ Legal has a diverse team of Immigration lawyers who can speak a wide variety of
languages. We also have used a large network of translators to accommodate almost all
languages and dialects. So, we can offer legal advice and services in Plain English, Kurdish,
Urdu and much more so that you are fully informed throughout the asylum-seeking process.